Being Active In Forever Business

Naturally, you will never find a leopard inside the water. They do not live in water and they are not meant to live in water. They have their own habitat which naturally negates being in the water But When it’s time to hunt for food for survival, they go against nature itself. They hunt prey outside their natural habitats and straight into an extremely uncomfortable environment. They defy nature. Their instinct for survival could make them do the unimaginable, the unthinkable and they get result. They fight for what they want You know the beautiful part?They get it. So you are still comfortable in your comfort zone waiting for miracles without moving out and taking responsibilities? God will bless the works of ,your hands. Not bless your comfort zone.So you are saying, what will people say if they catch me doing this kind of business.You are doing yourself a great Injustice. You don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed All you need is to give yourself the permission to succeed and in that wise lies the essence and The importance of been active in Forever Business because it guarantees constant weekly and monthly cash-flow ‍ I will start by sharing the importance of been 4CC Active Every Month on the network;

💁🏽‍First and Foremost for some of us that are new you need to understand what CC means

🧭 CC is termed Case Credit which is our unit of measurement for each of our products

🌱 For e.g our Aloe Vera Gel valued at N9,500 at Retail Value is 0.1cc and our Aloe Moisturizing Lotion valued at N5,500 is 0.055cc

🤝 So it means when you do more CC you earn more money

⛲When you are able to achieve 4CC every month it means you have made sale or done a business of N380,000

🏪 How can a business owner open a shop and not make sales of N380,000 per month or even per week?

🌱 So if 1 Aloe Vera Gel is 0.1cc then to be 4CC active means 4cc divided by 0.1cc i.e is 40 Aloe Vera Gel needs to be sold for example

💵 That means for e.g.  if 40 Aloe Vera Gel is N9,500 * 40 = *N380,000* and wholesale is N6,300*40= *N252,000*

🙆🏽♂ Then N380,000 minus N252,000 will give you *N128,000* profit  Wow…That is a lot of profit. 

🙄 What if you do 8CC that will be *N256,000* profit

😳If you do 12CC that will *N384,000* whooping profit

🤝That is how important it is to be 4CC active every month

🏩 Now the company policy requires you to do minimum of 1CC in your name and the the rest CC by sponsoring or registering new person

🕵♂If you as an Assistant Supervisor register someone that does 2CC you will earn *N30,000* plus and if register 3 people you will earn *N90,000*

👊 So been 4CC active will make you money and helps you to grow your business

😄This is what is expected of every forever business owner, every single month on the network and That is why you are as well expected to use every medium to promote the business using Facebook, Whats-app, Google Advert and Word of Mouth Advertising etc. The right time and action are the catalysts for your social & economic liberation that is beneficial even to your extended family members. TAKE THAT BOLD STEP NOW!

Compiled and Written by *Aderemi Aribalusi*