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    • Dear Merchant,

As we are all aware, theΒ Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has directed that all mobile network operators must deactivate SIM cards not duly registered with valid national identity card numbers by theΒ 31st December 2020.

To avoid having your number deactivated, below are the variousΒ ways in which you can go about getting your registration done on all the networks in Nigeria.

Kindly visit the relevant platforms, dial their assigned USSD codes, obtain your NIN numbers and link to your SIM cardsΒ to avoid deactivationΒ and stay connected to your customers and loved ones this season.
    • Eldeotjairay:Believe in yourself, push the limits, and do whatever it takes to conquer your goals. Don't let life change your goals, because achieving your goals will change your life. Good Morning. Have a Thrilling Weekend ahead. STAY POSITIVE!!! STAY SAFE!!!
    • Toyota Prado 2018 model brand new NGN 31m
    • Some things you need to know about registering your business.
1) what kind of business do you want to do? i.e. objectives

2) what nature of business?... is it Partnership, Sole Proprietorship (Part A), Company limited by shares (LTD or PLC), Company not limited by Shares (unlimited company), (Part B) Not-For-Profit Organisations, eg, NGOs, Associations (Part C). 3) what name do you want to call your business? This is important as it would enable you do your branding in the name already reserved at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), (that's if your trading name is the same as the name of your business). If you already are using a name and you haven't registered your business at CAC, don't worry there's still a way around it.

4) Name search and Reservation at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).via eventures Ng/our website/services

Let us assist you in getting your company registered and kickstart your business to success within 24 hours of submission at CAC.

For more guidelines and assistance you can call or whatsapp Eldeotjairay on 08131570120. We'd be glad to assist you.
    • Toyota Corolla 2016 model 4 pieces @ 4.2m each
    • LEXUS RX350 2017 model 
NGN25million +2348131570120
    • LEXUS RX350 2017 model 
NGN 25million +2348131570120
    • Dodge charger 2012 model NGN8.5million . full option leather interior call +2348131570120 or info@eventuresng.com
    • Rolls Royce phantom 2014 model
NGN90 million call or WhatsApp Β±2348131570120
    • Toyota Highlander 2016 model (limited) black interior, navigation, full options, NGN21 million naira only