The imperative of ICT in Travel and Tours Ventures

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As we are all aware, theΒ Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has directed that all mobile network operators must deactivate SIM cards not duly registered with valid national identity card numbers by theΒ 31st December 2020.

To avoid having your number deactivated, below are the variousΒ ways in which you can go about getting your registration done on all the networks in Nigeria.

Kindly visit the relevant platforms, dial their assigned USSD codes, obtain your NIN numbers and link to your SIM cardsΒ to avoid deactivationΒ and stay connected to your customers and loved ones this season.
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    • Some things you need to know about registering your business.
1) what kind of business do you want to do? i.e. objectives

2) what nature of business?... is it Partnership, Sole Proprietorship (Part A), Company limited by shares (LTD or PLC), Company not limited by Shares (unlimited company), (Part B) Not-For-Profit Organisations, eg, NGOs, Associations (Part C). 3) what name do you want to call your business? This is important as it would enable you do your branding in the name already reserved at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), (that's if your trading name is the same as the name of your business). If you already are using a name and you haven't registered your business at CAC, don't worry there's still a way around it.

4) Name search and Reservation at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).via eventures Ng/our website/services

Let us assist you in getting your company registered and kickstart your business to success within 24 hours of submission at CAC.

For more guidelines and assistance you can call or whatsapp Eldeotjairay on 08131570120. We'd be glad to assist you.
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      October 2021
      M T W T F S S

      .Information and communication Technological advancements have drastically changed the way we manage and process our travel and tours ventures and other related activities globally. Thanks to the latest tools and innovations in the field, ICT in Travel and Tours have now made the activities there in to become more interacting, engaging, and even more communal than ever. These days, it cannot be denied that ICT and travel are intertwined and interdependent with each other. Both of these play a role in how and where we travel. From the destinations we choose to visit, the activities we do in these places, and even in collecting and sharing the memories from these trips.

      In this digital age, more and more individuals have become more reliant on the existing ICT tools not only to plan and manage their trip but to make the trip and its aftermath worthwhile. Here’s how advancements, subject to various ICT tools have aided the availability, accessible and affordable Travel & tours, Hotels & flight bookings etc. ICT in Travel and Tours Ventures Have really changed the Landscape. These days, Faster and More Efficient Ways of Planning Digitalization has given people a freer control over their trip and their overall itinerary. Gone are the days when trips are only booked and arranged by travel agencies and command a higher price tag for such services.

      Today, do-it-yourself (DIY) travel has become a more hands-on and interactive experience for everyone. Apart from having the tools and access to learn more about various destinations, individuals can now find all the essential information they need on the Internet in a single platform as Eldeotjairay or google, thus; From keeping updated on the weather and climate of the destination to being in the know of the current political climate, planning and managing trips has never been easier, Accessible Booking and Affordable Deals and Packages.

      The imperative sentence of ICT in Travel and Tours Ventures is that it allows travelers to book their own flights and hotel accommodations – especially those that fall within their means – in the comforts of their own homes (or even offices), using various gadget/devices. Nowadays, dedicated digital platforms like Eldeotjairay designed to give users customized results and updates, allowing individuals to find the best and most affordable flights and accommodations, with recommendations tailored based on your requirements and budget.

      What’s more, you can choose to stay in another person’s home, and enter the more familiar territory. After all, you can readily communicate with owners and caretakers, as well as see a more comprehensive set of information on the website.

      You can even lookup online reviews on places, airlines, and restaurants, allowing you to get a feel of the place and leave your trepidation and feelings of anxiousness at the door. Enhanced Navigation and More Efficient Processes

      Printing tickets and hotel reservations has also become obsolete, with many airlines and even accommodations now giving the option of using e-tickets and mobile check-ins. Not only does this save you the trouble of carrying loads of papers and documents, but it also helps save the environment.

      Of course, no travel is complete without a map. Thanks to ICT, you can now use Google Maps to direct you to your destinations and can even make use of same if you’re traveling by car.

      These assistants, if you will, can even vocalize directions, meaning you no longer have to worry about getting lost and reading maps the wrong way.

      24/7 Connection with ICT in Travel and Tours Ventures

      The connection isn’t just about staying in touch with your friends and loved ones even while you’re far away. While this is certainly a valuable addition that keeps communication alive wherever you may be, there are other forms of connection you can forge, even with locals. As you might know, the language barrier is a challenge many people come across whenever they travel to foreign or international places.

      Thanks to ICT in Travel and Tours Ventures, you can now leverage translation applications and programs to your advantage, allowing you to convey what you want and eliminating the language barrier one step at a time.

      In the same way, you can forge connections and feel a sense of community with the help of ICT. Whenever you share your reviews on the accommodations you’ve stayed or the restaurants you’ve eaten at, you offer a unique perspective that helps others who are planning their trip. With social media at the helm, you can also share your experiences and photos with others and maybe even inspire one or two to take the road less traveled.

      The Bottom Line

      ICT in Travel and Tours Ventures have certainly come a long way. With the available technological advancements today, almost everyone can just create unique, personalized, and more accessible experiences at the touch of a button.