20,000.00 Inc.Vat

-Repairs damage muscles and ease the pain caused by over extension of muscles.
-Free radicals scavenger.
-Improve memory and eyesight.
-Help to Produce blood in anaemic conditions & sickles.
-Good for people with HBP, heart diseases, arteriosclerosis.
-It is an immune booster.

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MICRO – MOLECULE PEPTIDE (OLIGOPEPTIDE) Three-in-one with extraordinary function
*Your best choice to live a healthy life*

-Efficient absorbing capacity, and dynamic and energetic fast body strength recovery.
-Help to build muscles, keep body strong and full of power
-Fat burning, inhibiting fat accumulation, rapid body slimming effect to restore proper weight.
-Scavenging free radicals, vitalize the skin activity, lighten the discoloration and pigmentation.
-Strengthening immunity, greatly inhibiting disease and pain, good appetite and sleep, thereby Creating good
body health.
-Repair damaged muscles, ease the pain caused by the over extension of muscles .
-Lower the blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.
-Scavenging free radicals, restore the vigor of cell, postpone senility.
-Improve memory, good effects on brain, improve eyesight.
-Accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, reduce the harm it causes.
-Help to produce blood, improve anemia; avoid the aggregation of platelets.
-Improved digestive system and chronic intestinal disease.
-Remarkable improvement to diseases like rheumatism, rheumatoid, diabetes.
-Prevent diseases like high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia,
hyperglycemia, thrombus, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, sexual disorders, antioxidant, antifatigue, anti-aging, antiviral, and improve the immunity.
-Help to repair the cell, improve its metabolism, prevent cell degeneration, anti-cancer function.


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