20,000.00 Inc.Vat

Product Specification:
50 capsules per bottle
10 g/capsule,
50g softgel/bottle
* Use as General Health Food Supplement
* Enhancing absorption of nutrients from food.
* Promoting Regeneration and health of normal cells in the body.
– Burn Regeneration.
– Wound Registration
– Bone Regeneration.
– Skin Regeneration.
– Aging mammal regeneration (prolong lifespan).
* Maintaining homeostasis of the body.
* Repair & Regeneration of Mucosa of the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract and treat ulcer permanently without scar formation:
* Peptic Ulcer
* Gastroduodenal ulcer
* Gastritis
* Esophagitis
* Gastro-Esophageal
* Reflux Disease (GERD)
* Damage to mucosa due to radiation and chemotherapy
* Cancer in the GI Tract (e.g., gastric cancer, colon cancer)
* Prevention & Relief of GI Tract Disorders
* Constipation
* Irritation to stomach by Alcohol or Spicy food
Atrophy, necrosis, erosion or degeneration of mucosa due to aging and/or stress.

* Provides an innovative formulation that mimics mucus naturally secreted by mucosa and
adheres to the GI lining to protect the mucosa from further injury or irritation.
* Isolates GI lesions from the low pH environment of the stomach so as to promote physiological regeneration and repair of mucosal membrane.
* Provides regenerative nutrients to the GI Tract to stimulate self-healing of the body via
cultivation of stem cells.
* Reduces or eliminates scarring of the GI lining to promote efficient absorption of nutrients and prevent relapse of GI disorders.


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How the Norland gi-vital-softgel works Direction for Use:” hoverproduct%2Fgi-vital-softgel%2F|title:GI%20VITAL%20SOFTGEL||”]:.2 times/day, Adult: 5 Capsules
One hour before meal, or at gastrointestinal discomfort
Unsuitable for Pregnant or nursing women.[/vc_hoverbox][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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